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CP7103 Multicore Architectures Important Questions

CP7103 Multicore Architectures question paper regulation 2013 Anna University ME CSE Second semester question paper.

CP7103 Multicore Architectures questions paper - CP7103 question paper.

Anna University ME CSE  Regulation 2013 First semester CP7103 Multicore Architectures notes and e-books are available students can download the notes. Here we have provided the notes for CP7103 Multicore Architectures Important questions. Anna University ME CSE CP7103 Multicore Architectures Syllabus, Ppt, reference books, and important questions are well framed on our web page that is annaunivhub.

Anna University CP7103 Multicore Architectures question paper is provided below by Anna university hub. CP7103 MA Question bank for all five units  notes are uploaded. Here Anna University ME CSE First semester Regualtion 2013  CP7103 MA question paper download link is provided and students can also download the CP7103 MA Syllabus and can make use of it.

For ME CSE Regulation 2013 First Semester Notes Click Here

CP7103 Multicore Architectures Syllabus - Download

CP7103 Multicore Architectures Notes - Download

CP7103 Multicore Architectures Important Question- Download

CP7103 Multicore Architectures Previous Year Question Paper - Download

CCP7103 Multicore Architectures Important Questions April May 2015- Click Here

For ME CSE Regulation 2013 Second Semester Notes Click Here

CP7103 Multicore Architectures Important Questions 

1.Classes of parallelism 
2.Quantitative principle of computer design
3.Multithreading architectures
4.classes of computers,trends in technology,power energy and cost(any one 8marks)

5.Vector architecture
6.Graphics processing units
7.SIMD instruction set

8.Symmetric an distributed shared memory architectures (8 marks)
9.Model of memory consistency & interconnection
10.cache coherence,performance synchronization issues(any one 8marks)

11.Architectures for ware house scale computing computing case studies
13.Programming models and work loads for ware house scale computers

14.Embedded systems features and requirements and applications
15.Embedded multiprocessors studies

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