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CP7026 Software Quality Assurance Important Questions

CP7026 Software Quality Assurance Important Questions Unit wise - CP7026 Software Quality Assurance Question banks For two marks and sixteen marks

Anna University Hub Provides Important Questions for ME CSE regulation 2013 This semester also we continue our service for the students. Here we have provided CP7026 Software Quality Assurance important questions that are expected for the semester point of you. Students can make use of the below questions and prepare for the examination.

Here in this post we have provided CP7026 Software Quality Assurance Nov Dec 2014. Here CP7026 SQA expected Questions are posted and Students can download the Questions and make use of it. ME CSE Third Semester CP7026 Software Quality Assurance Nov Dec 2014 Important Questions are provided Below.

CP7026 Software Quality Assurance Expected Sixteen Marks Questions

1. Discuss the defect taxonomy in detail?
2.Explain the various IEEE standards in detail?
3.Explain the various Quality Assurance methods and quality control methods in detail?

1.Explain the various Quality Assurance methods in detail?
2.Explain the need of inspection in detail?
3.Describe the walkthroughs with suitable example?

1.Explain the types of testing and testing generation?
2.Discuss the Boundary value condition in detail?
3.Explain the combinatorial generation in detail?

1.Explain the different controls in flow graph in detail?
2.Explain MC/DC path test with an example?
3.Discuss the Def-clear and Def-use P-use C-Use in detail?

1.Explain the Test adequacy criteria and thier Test cases from use cases?
2.Explain Integration, system, acceptance, regression testing?(any one 8marks)
3.. Explain the Test automation in detail?

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