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CP7028 Enterprise Application Integration Important Questions

CP7028 Enterprise Application Integration Important Questions Unit wise - CP7028 Enterprise Application Integration Question banks For 2 marks and 16 marks

Anna University Hub Provides Important Questions for ME CSE regulation 2013 This semester also we continue our service for the students. Here we have provided CP7028 Enterprise Application Integration important questions that are expected for the semester point of you. Students can make use of the below questions and prepare for the examination.

Here we have provided CP7028 Enterprise Application Integration Nov Dec 2014. Here CP7028 EAI expected Questions are posted and Students can download the Questions and make use of it. ME CSE third Semester CP7028 Enterprise Application Integration Nov Dec 2014 Important Questions are provided Below.

CP7028 Enterprise Application Intergration Unit wise Important Questions.

1.Draw the architecture of EAI and explain in detail with suitable example?
2.Explain in detail steps to be followed in EAI?
3.Explain the various integration approaches and implementation of EAI?

1.Explain the architecture for application integration?
2.How can you decouple the destination of a message from the sender and maintain central control over the flow of messages?
3.Explain in detail about challenges concepts?

1.. Explain in detail about MOM?
2.Explain in detail about message queuing model
3.Explain in detail about XML based chain integration?
4.Explain in detail about JMS?

1.. How to ESB support to SOA?
2.Explain in detail about ESB with suitable example?
3.Write short notes on a) message brokered in ESB b) federated in ESB?

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